Fashion Week. Erdem 

21-22 February 2011

Media, Arts and Design Degree Shows 2011 

Annual BA Degree exhibition of students from the Media. Arts and Design School of the University of Westminster.

Fashion Design BA Honours

26 May 2011

Mixed Media Fine Art BA Honours

4 –6 June 2011

Graphic Information Design BA Honours

Illustration BA Honours

9 – 14 June 2011

Contemporary Media Practice BA Honours

BA Honours

19 - 22 June 2011

50 Years of London Architecture presented by The Architecture Club.

21 July – 24 August 2011 

The Architecture Club presented an exhibition which showed a cross section of London’s new architecture since 1960. Over 350 large scale photographs gave a unique and thought provoking overview of the city’s rich and varied architecture. Visitors were able to reflect on the extraordinary range and creativity on show throughout the exhibition and consider how well British architects have served London over the last fifty one years. Originally exhibited at The Mall Galleries during the 2010 London Festival of Architecture, the exhibition shown a year later at Ambika P3 was expanded to include additional panels which show buildings that had been completed during the subsequent twelve months.

The exhibition included a discussion titled “The Lost Art of Elevation” in which well known author and academic, Alan Powers and John Miller, founding partner of John Miller + Partners Architects, presented their views on how well architects have served our streetscapes. The debate: ‘Has Architecture in Britain today has lost its social purpose?’ also took place - for the motion were Indy Johar, founder of Zero Zero and Mark Swenarton, Stirling Professor Liverpool. Against were Simon Allford, Partner of Architects AHMM and Deborah Saunt of DSDHA. 

MA Photojournalism. Habeas Corpus 

2-4 September 2011

The 2011 graduates in MA Photojournalism have travelled widely and reflected deeply. They have framed bodies if they could, shown us evidence when it could be found, and have sought to document the world in all its beauty and cruelty. Most importantly, each has engaged with what Tim Hetherington identified as the true pursuit for imagemakers today: to aim for ‘authentic representation of things outside of ourselves’. 

MA Photographic Studies

8-12 September 2011

The 2011 graduate MA Photographic Studies exhibition addressed a diversity of themes, from the personal and public to the photographic. The visual and conceptual rigour of the work is underpinned by a high level, and wide variety of technical skills, ranging from low-tech experimentation, through traditional analogue and chemical photography to video, light-boxes and high end digital capture and output. Graduates of the course are drawn from an international milieu and a variety of professional and creative backgrounds, many of them already recipients of high profile awards, prizes and commissions.

Sunday Art Fair 

13 -16 October 2011

Returning after a successful debut in 2010, SUNDAY art fair was held for the second time in London. SUNDAY is a gallery-led art fair which showed a selection of 20 young international galleries, exhibiting work by artists at the fore of emerging talent. SUNDAY received more than 5,000 visitors in just 3 days. SUNDAY is free and open to all, aiming to provide ‘an easy going and accessible temporary platform for young galleries’. These galleries have brought together work by the artists they believe to be ‘at the fore of emerging talent’, including Ryan Gander, Christian Jankowski, Jessica Warboys, and Sean Edwards.

SUNDAY is organised by three of the participating galleries: Croy Nielsen (Berlin), Limoncello (London) and Tulips and Roses (Brussels) and sponsored by the Zabludowicz Collection.

Keith Lemon

29 October 2011

A Fosters Promotion exclusive to Tesco’s Customers. 500 attendees won VIP tickets to Keith Lemon’s Laughter Party, a night of Comedy and laughter held in Ambika P3, Marylebone. The guests entered through an unmarked gate into a night of top comedians, surprise celebrity appearances, DJ’s, bang-tidy girls and of course, the host Keith Lemon. The venue was stylishly branded with Fosters signage, ‘Pin the Tash on Keith’ and a Fosters inspired ‘Twistor’ game entertained guests between the comedians sets as well as Fosters on tap!

Paul Khera. Adventures In Nightilife

3 November 2011

Presenting the work of Paul Khera in an evening of film, music and photography on the theme of nightlife including projection of photographs of intimate moments of London and a film screening of Khera’s ‘Being Continued’ followed by late Night tunes by Maxology.

‘Being Continued’ is part film-noir, part meditation, a cinematic discourse on the journey of wisdom, there’s greed, violence, kidnapping; love, tranquility and revelation. This is a film that follows the cycle of human comprehension, gathering knowledge, being perplexed by it, testing wisdom with experience, suffering at the hands of greed, expanding and condensing knowledge, and finding peace. The story is part of the folklore of the himalya, it can be applied to society as a whole, or in the case of this film to an individual.

St Matthew Passion by Vocal Futures

28 – 30 November 2011 

A semi-staged version of JS Bach's sacred oratorio 'St Matthew Passion' was presented by Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, The ABRSM Vocal Futures Consort and New London Children's Choir under Suzi Digby, with soloists bass-baritone Willard White (Christus) and Evangelists: Joshua Ellicott (tenor), Samuel Boden (tenor), Jane Howells (soprano), Catherine Hopper (mezzo), Robin Blaze (countertenor), Andrew Tortoise (tenor) and Stephan Loges (bass). Designed and directed by Patrick Kinmouth. 

Vocal Futures is a project founded by conductor and choral director Suzi Digby to encourage young people to attend live classical music concerts. To this end, she recruited 300 young people from diverse backgrounds and these Young Ambassadors were involved in the Bach production - they were recorded and their voices and images were projected during the final chorale.


9 December 2011

M•A•C and Gareth Pugh were be able to enjoy a stylishly subversive evening of bespoke Patron tequila margaritas, gin cocktails and Moscow mules and DJs with sets from Pippa Greenbank, Iwan Halstead, Pippa Brooks, Richard Mortimer and Princess Julia. Guests also got a glimpse of the Gareth Pugh for M•A•C film, directed by Ruth Hogben.

Kinetica Art Fair 

3 February - 6 February 2011
 The Kinetica art fair provides an international platform for museums, collectors, curators and the public to view and buy artworks in this thriving and advancing field. Alongside the fair there will be special events, screenings, tours, talks, workshops and performances. In 2011 these included performance by Stelarc and work by Jason Bruges Studio, Vincent Leclerc, Roseline De Thelin and Musion Academy

Anthony McCall. Vertical Works

Sprüth Magers Gallery London

24 February – 27 March 2011

Vertical Works was a new McCall’s work commissioned for Ambika P3 with Sprüth Magers Gallery London & Berlin. Internationally recognised for groundbreaking work which occupies a space between sculpture, cinema and drawing, British-born McCall trained at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design in the mid 1960s. Shortly afterwards, in the early 1970s, he began working with performance and film, initially through a series of open-air performances which were significant for their minimal use of elements such as fire.

On March 1, McCall gave an Artist’s talk in the Starr Auditorium of Tate Modern followed by the first showing of his just-completed Line Describing a Cone 2.0, the much anticipated digital re-make of his 16mm film Line Describing a Cone (1973). 

Anthony McCall

McCall is known for his ‘solid-light’ installations, a series that he began in 1973 with his seminal “Line Describing a Cone,” in which a volumetric form composed of projected light slowly evolves in three-dimensional space.  Working in a space between sculpture, cinema and drawing, his work’s historical importance has been internationally recognised. Solo exhibitions of McCall’s work include Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2004, Tate Britain, London, 2004, Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne, France, (2006), Serpentine Gallery, London (2007-8), Hangar Bicocca, Milan (2009), and Moderna Museet, Stockholm (2009). 

Over the past five years McCall has explored solid-light works that are oriented vertically projecting downwards from the ceiling onto the floor, forming 10-metre tall, conical ‘tents’ of light, with a base of about 4 metres. Here, the projected line-drawing on the floor is, quite literally, the footprint of the work, with the three-dimensional ‘body’ rising up from the floor and finally narrowing to a point at the lens of the projector, well-above one’s head. Four of these works, each of them showing in the UK for the first time, will be presented as a single installation. The works are Breath (2004), Breath III (2005), Meeting You Halfway (2009) and You (2010).

Anthony McCall was awarded a large sculptural commission for 2012 by the Arts Council and the Cultural Olympiad, to realise his Column in North-West England: a sinuous column of cloud that rises from the surface of the water into the sky.

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize

The Photographer’s Gallery 

28 March – 1 May 2011

The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize rewards one living modern photographer, who has made the most significant contribution to the photographic medium in Europe over the previous year. The Photographers’ Gallery in London created the prize in 1996 and since 2005 Deutsche Börse has sponsored the event. The Prize highlights the finest photographic works, showcasing fresh talents. 

Thomas Demand, Roe Ethridge, Jim Goldberg and Elad Lassry were nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2011. This selection, the fifteenth year of the Prize and the 40th anniversary of The Photographers’ Gallery, illustrated the diversity of the photographic medium, ranging from conceptual to social documentary photography.

Thomas Demand was nominated for his exhibition Nationalgalerie at Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany (18 September 2009 – 17 January 2010), travelling to Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands (29 May – 22 August 2010). In this exhibition, Demand’s concise yet strangely unsettling images explore German social and political public life. Often using photographs drawn from the media, Demand turns these scenes into life-size and meticulously constructed three-dimensional paper models, that he then photographs. 

Roe Ethridge was nominated for his solo exhibition at Les Rencontres d’Arles 2010, France (3 July – 19 September 2010). Blurring the boundaries of the commercial with the editorial, and the mundane with the highbrow, Ethridge’s conceptual approach to photography is a playful attack on the traditions and conventions of the medium itself. 

Jim Goldberg was nominated for his exhibition Open See at The Photographers’ Gallery, London (16 October 2009 – 31 January 2010). Initiated through a Magnum commission, Open See documents the experiences of refugee, immigrant and trafficked populations who travel from war torn, socially and economically devastated countries to make new lives in Europe. 

Elad Lassry was nominated for his exhibition Elad Lassry at Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland (13 February – 25 April 2010). In his seductive yet detached photographic and filmic works, Lassry renders the over-familiar and clichéd, whether it be a kitten, an attractive model, lipsticks, a carton of eggs, peculiar. Drawing on analogue source material as inspiration, such as advertising and stock imagery, Lassry’s over-saturated photographs are often collages of pre-existing images or newly staged studio photographs alluding to the visual language of product photography..

Conference: Exhibiting Photography

This three-day conference organised by the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM), University of Westminster addressed issues central to the curation and display of photography; the relationship between galleries, contemporary art and documentary practices; the notion of influence on photographic thought and practice; and the on-going obsession with photographic specificity in the art world. Speakers included Victor Burgin, John Stezaker, Jorge Ribalta, Hannah Collins, Marysia Lewandowska, Rut Blees Luxemburg and Simon Baker.


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