P3 exhibitions


London Festival of Architecture & Uli Ap in collaboration
with Ambika P3 & University of Westminster

Artificial Intelligence
of Virtual Reality

At the time of AI, we are all concerned about them – some are worried, some are scared, some keep themselves optimistic and look forward to it, some are bored with them, some are not interested, some can't hear about them anymore, some prefer not to say. The one thing that unites us all – we all know they are coming. We feel them. We hear them. But we do, actually, not know who they really are.


They might be like us. They might be different. They might take a certain shape or form. Or they might not. What is clear that they borrow our brains to construct their own realities.


This site-specific intervention to the extraordinary underground concrete hangar of Ambika P3 is a prototype of Anti-Gravity Reality: Inside the Black Cube or Brain AI, a project that reinvents human relationships with a machine and takes a philosophy of labour as a port of departure – to construct art without artists and architecture without architects. By donating their emotions to a machine, audiences become performers experiencing situations of their own making and creating structures to become a part of an outside installation.


Dancing on the mezzanine in a cross-reality zone of virtual, physical, and mental spaces – Anti-Gravity Reality: Inside the Black Cube or Brain AI looks freely towards vast open spaces of an unfolding concrete chamber mimicking its appearance through inclusion of windows in its structure. While windows observe the slow movement of the tubes and turned into a performer participant who is, immersed in VR, unaware of this surveillance mechanism.


It is a unique Virtual Reality experience – one of its kind you have never experienced before.   


Animating a brutalist structure of Ambika P3, the machine establishes a dialogue between built and artificial environment, performance of a human and performance of a machine in an interactive conversations traversing borders of the disciplines and mediums.


20 – 30 June 2019

12:00 – 20:00


Built with Berta.me