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26 November - 18 December 2016, open daily from 10am - 6pm
Private view: Wednesday 23 November, 6:30 - 8:30pm

What do architects, artists, and designers actually do? What inspires them? How do they make the leaps of imagination they need to break new ground? Where do they find their ideas? How do they develop, test and share them with each other? How do they know when something’s going right?

Ambika P3 is proud to present ADAPT-r, a major exhibition exploring research processes of working artists, architects and designers – revealing the diverse approaches and how they do what they do. From digital designers to landscape architects, brand designers to design activists, painters to performance artists, and many different types of architects, 

The exhibition concludes an EU funded research initiative and provides rare insights through 35 international practitioners from around the globe - John Brown, Koen Broucke, Alice Casey, Michael Corr, Cian Deegan, Federico Del Vecchio, Martí Franch Batllori, Dermot Foley, Eric Guibert, Karin Helms, Tom Holbrook, Chris Johnstone, Gitte Juul, Thierry Kandjee, Sam Kebbell, Ana Kreč, CJ Lim, Hseng Tai Lintner, Petra Marguc, Colm Moore, Siobhán Ní Éanaigh, Steve Larkin, Karli Luik, Claudia Pasquero, Sébastien Penfornis, Anna Pla-Català, Marco Poletto, Irene Prieler, Deborah Saunt, Siv Helen Stangeland, Johannes Torpe, Alicia Velázquez, Michael Wildmann

ADAPT-r offers a rich terrain of work to explore. It is divided into distinct areas charting the different stages of discovery within the creative process. Individual exhibits in the Studio show work in progress and completion by 35 practitioners, whereas Rooms reveals cross views of working together. The Library includes books and discoveries, while the Garden will be the site of a daily programme of events, including discussions, performances and screenings.

ADAPT-r is a partnership of seven European Universities - Aarhus School of Architecture (Denmark), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture (Belgium), Estonia Academy of Arts (Estonia), Mackintosh School of Architecture - Glasgow School of Art (UK), RMIT Europe (Spain) & University of Westminster (UK). For more information see: http://adapt-r.eu

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 317 325.


All events are free, booking essential

Thursday 24 November, 6:30pm
Book launch and talk with Dr Tom Holbrook
Launch of Designing from the Room to the City: Expanding Disciplinarity in Architectural Practice,  published by Routledge. 

Friday 25 November, 6:30pm

Practice Research Symposium
Opening Lecture by Dr Deborah Saunt
With introduction by Professor Richard Blythe. Please note that this event will take place in the Hogg Lecture Theatre. 

Wednesday 30 November, 6:30pm
Bio Salon
The BioSalon round table will discuss design methodologies operating at the intersection of disciplines such as biology, computation and urban ecologies.

The BioSalon will be structured as a conversation between architects, artists, microbiologist and theorists: Ricardo De Ostos, Simon Park, Marco Poletto, Melissa Sterry and Emmanouil Zaroukas. The event is curated and moderated by Claudia Pasquero, ADAPT-r fellow.

Friday 2 December, 6:30pm
A Night of Images by Paul Khera
A screening of 3 films: 1. always being one - a study on solitude; 2. we thought we were plural -  an investigation by the band, in particular on the betrayal of contemporary life; 3. when survival ended - hundreds of photos picked at random, from the pursuit of entertainment

Tuesday 6 December, 6:30pm
Strange Objects / Weird Realism

"Reality is made up of nothing but substances — and they are weird substances with a taste of the uncanny about them, rather than stiff blocks of simplistic physical matter."  Graham Harman

A programme of immersive  video and music exploring speculative environments which highlight the creative scope of the imagination in the production and representation of space. Featuring a selection of films by Peter Burr, Dave Gaskarth, Sarah Hammond and Richard Healy, plus a sound performance by composer Lee Fraser.

Thursday 8 December, 6:30pm
Milan Design Film Festival at Ambika P3
The Soul of the Projects
The first event collects six shorts which, despite the demonstrating vastly different filmmaking techniques, each explore the idea of living and life as 'project' in which individuals collaborate in the pursuit of a common or shared goal. 

Modernism Walks into a Bar Alone at Night, Ben Sheehan & Will Harvey-Jones, Australia 2015
Dance with Architecture | Jessica Lang & Steven Holl, Spirit of Space, USA 2016, 12’15”
The Learn’d, Victor Vroegindeweij, The Netherlands 2015Jean Nouvel: Reflections, Matt Tyrnauer, USA 2016
A marwoolus journey, Jasmine Schroder, Emanuele Marzi, Italy 2015
Think Energy (Paris), Gerardo Marmo, Maria Veltcheva, Italy 2013-2014

Friday 9 December, 6:30pm
Milan Design Film Festival at Ambika P3
Design Overview Around the World 
The second event by MDFF explores the concept of making and the processes by which designers and architects from all over world turn their ideas into finished objects. 

Building M+ (Herzog & de Meuron), Stephy Chung, China 2014
The Campana Brothers by Fernando & Humberto, Gabriela Bernd, Brazil 2016
Yesterday/Tomorrow (14+ Foundation), Jenna Elizabeth, Zambia/USA 2014
Pojangmacha, a Korean typologies production, Jan Schabert, Korea 2015
WY-TO Designers & Architects, Michele di Salle-Hullabaloop, France/Singapore 2014

Tuesday 13 December, 6:30pm

The Life and Music of Iannis Xenakis
Dissolve Specific Objects presents a screening of Something Rich and Strange with introduction by Mark Kidel. Along with performances by Distractfold Ensemble. Please note that this event will start promptly at 7pm. 

Wednesday 14
 December, 6:30pm
Action Space screening
Founded in 1968, Action Space used large inflatable structures to create alternative spaces for art, education and creative play outside of the restrictive gallery arena. This film explores the history of Action Space through the construction of a new inflatable. Followed by a Q&A with director Huw Wahl, Amanda Ravetz, Ken Turner and Johan Siebers. Please note that this event will take place at the Regent Street Cinema. Tickets £12 / £11 concessions / £7 University of Westminster students.

Friday 16 December, 6:30pm
Practitioners in Conversation -  Computational landscapes: Critical reflections on contemporary design practice
Launch of Landscape Architecture and Digital Technologies by Heike Rahmann and Jillian Wallis, followed by presentations and a round table discussion with participants from featuring practices, including Neil Porter and Mary Bowman from Gustafson Porter, Enriqueta Llabres and Eduardo Rico from Relational Urbanism and Marco Poletto and Claudia Pasquero from EcoLogic Studio. 

Sunday 18 December, 6:30pm
Screening of Think Energy

Think Energy 
Gerardo Marmo, Maria Veltcheva
Italy 2016, 30’

The ThinkEnergy project represents different urban realities in a non-documentary form through a series of audio-visual productions that take into account different types of "urban energy." The methodological approach of the work is based on observations caught on camera while walking around the city, recording images and sounds. During the editing phase, a reflection on the perception of the contemporary city becomes a critical, subjective reading of the captured energy. The result is a mix of sounds and moving pictures from Rome, Sofia, Paris, Berlin and London, that recreate immersive urban environments for the end user.

Please note that entry to Ambika P3 for each of these events will be via the main University of Westminster reception at 35 Marylebone Road.

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